Zot Clan (ゾット族 Zotto-zoku? ) is a warrior clan that is located in the north-east of Pars, near Peshawar Fortress. Their chief, Heyrtash, has been killed by Hilmes.


Even the female members of this clan are warriors. Their main job is plundering. They steal from the people who have entered their territory and make their living. They can be considered strong and wild as even the Lusitanians called them savages. The tribe is consists of about 1000 person.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Every known member of this clan has red tattoos on their faces and all of these tattoos are different from each other. They also wear barbarian-like clothes and have necklaces made from a wild animals' teeth.


  1. Heyrtash

Trivia Edit

  • Kushaeta may also be a member of the Zot Clan, as he has red tattoos on his face.


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