Zaravant (ザラーヴァント Zaravanto? ) is a the son of the Lord Mundhir of Oxus. He is a secondary character of the novels series The Heroic Legend of Arslan.


In the OVA, Zaravant has brown hair, brown sideburn and brown eyebrow. he wears a blue mantle and and a yellow and grey armor.


Zaravant was disdainful for Jaswant because of his Shindurian origin and scornful of the Lusitanian.


March to EcbatanaEdit

Zaravant is one of numerous Parsian Lords and Generals to rally at the Fortress of Peshawar, presenting himself along with Lucian and declaring his loyalty to Arslan. He gains notoriety when he interrupted a meeting of Arslan after nearly fighting with Jaswant who was blocking the meeting's room door. They were both stopped by Kishward who thrown a spear between the two and who discipline them with Farangis.

The night before the start of the campaign, Zaravant decided to guard the room of Arslan, already guarded by Jaswant, due to his distrust of Jaswant.
Zaravant's first military action in the campaign occured when he was part of a decoy force that lured the Lusitanian Army out of the Chasum Castle and resulted in the fall of the Fortress to Arslan's force.



Zaravant appears to hate Jaswant because of the latter position in Arslan's inner circle whereas Jaswant is a shinduran of low birth. Zaravant is such suspicious of Jaswant that he decides to keep guarding Arslan's room during the night along him.




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