Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Country Pars
Relatives Mundhir (Father)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Anime Episode 20: The True Face of A Knight
Voice Actor
Japanese Yuuki Ono

Zaravant (ザラーヴァント Zaravanto? ) is a the son of the Lord Mundhir of Oxus. He is a secondary character of the novels series The Heroic Legend of Arslan.


In the 2013 manga and anime, Zaravant has brown hair, brown sideburn and brown eyebrow.


A hot tempered man, Zaravant was a arrogant Young man, a trait coming from his social status. However, he was a loyal man and fearless soldier, making up for some of his flaws.


Zaravant is one of numerous Lords and Generals, along with others such as Lucian, Esfan and Tus to gather at the Fortress of Peshawar after Arslan pursues the Decree to destroy the Lusitanians and take Pars back. He gains notoriety when he nearly fights with Jaswant, Arslan's bodyguard, but they both get stopped by Kishward. Later, during a feast , he happily announces to the drunked soldiers present they will star the campaign the 10th May. Some days later, he nearly fights with Jaswant again after the latter refuse him access to Narsus's quarter, having a behavior that disturbs even his fellow Lords, Tus and Esfan, and his protest is only ended when Narsus peacefully calm down the situation.

When the Parsian army begin their march to the west, he is put in vanguard with his men along with Tus and Esfan's men.  He develops a rivalry with Esfan, which leads to the three lords launching an attack on Lusitanian fortifications near the Fortress of Chasum without informing the main army. This turns into a trap and the separation of the lords's forces from the main army. Several hours after that, the force, being encircled by the Lusitanian troops is saved after Gieve informs the main Parsian Army of their location inside the mountain. Zaravant apologizes for his action toward Arslan after the battle.

Zaravant participates in the Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel, engaging the Lusitanians after Xandes led the Lusitanian cavalry out of the castle. During the battle, he is nearly killed by a Lusitanian Cavalryman but is saved by Jaswant. The following day, he leads his men when they attacked the Keep's gate, who had been open by Alfreed who infiltrated the Keep with men via a hidden passage inside the surrounding mountains. The action enables the permit of the main Parsian cavalry force headed by Arslan to enter the castle and to seize it after a bloody battle.

Along with the rest of the army, he marches back to Peshawar to save it from the assault of the Turanian army of King Tokhtamysh, riding along with Tus and Zaravant.

When King Andragoras returns from his imprisonment, he is among the court who is made known about Arslan's "exile" to Giran. He is still serving when the army is again marching towards Ecbatana Under King Andragoras but is clearly unhappy with the latter decision to send Arslan away.



Zaravant appears to hate Jaswant because of the latter position in Arslan's inner circle whereas Jaswant is a shinduran of low birth.


Esfan and Zaravant are friendly rival, as show during the battle near Chasum where the two taunt each other. There are most seen together along with Tus.


Zaravant became one of the most ardent supporter of Arslan, notably after he forgive him for leading the vanguard into a trap, and he didn't hide his disapprobation with his fellow generals concerning Arslan's exile for the city of Giran.




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