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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Country Pars
Residence Mt. Demavant
Novel Book 1(mentioned)
Book 5(debut)
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Zahhak (ザッハーク Zahhāku ? ) is one of the characters of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is a former king of Pars and also called as “Snake King”.


A snake protrudes from each of his shoulders. He is said to have dark skin and red eyes.


Not much is known. However, it is certain that he is cruel and cold blooded.


In ancient time, Zahhak slayed Sage King Jamshid with a saw and threw his body after cutting it into pieces. Then he over took the king’s wealth and rights.

Zahhak’s rule over Pars has covered the land with terror. Every day, he would kill two men to gain their brain and fed the snakes that protruded from his shoulders. It lasted for 1000 years.

No one had dared to rebel against Snake King until Kaykhusraw stood against him. First, he drew a cook who serves Zahhak on his side. Then he began to save one of the men to be sacrificed and substituted his brain with that of sheep each day. This way, he gained his allies. A year later, the number of soldiers on his side grew to 365. With them, he attacked Zahhak and caught him in Mazandaran.

Zahhak was sealed deep under Mt. Demavant; Kayhusraw bounded him with chains and piled 20 bedrocks over him. Also, he put his sword, Ruknabad and sealed there with the power of it. Thus, Snake King was defeated, leaving the word that he would break the seal in 300 years.

As he had said, he had already been locked inside the mountain for about 300 years, when Lusitanian invades the land of Pars.




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