Zandeh (ザンデ Zande? ) is the Son of Pars' Marzban Kharlan and a servant of Hilmes. He is a minor character of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan.


2013 Manga and AnimeEdit

He has brown hair and brown eyes, and is sinewy.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA, Zandeh has blonde hair and is sinewy as well.


Zandeh is very hateful, gets angry very quickly and seems to not tolerate incompetence. He is very loyal to Hermes. He is also coward, running away from battle after he was defeated by Daryun and Farangis.

In a sense, he is unsuspecting and upstanding. Though he is totally loyal to Hilmes, in the original story, he can act against Hilmes's will when he thinks it necessary. Even Gieve alters his view toward Zandeh that he is not just a boorish guy after he saw it.


Other than his powerful attack with mace, he is also good at gaining information using his subordinates.



Zandeh is very loyal to Hilmes and trusts him as his true ruler.


Zandeh hates Daryun like no other, thinking he is responsible for his father's fate.


Zandeh cared about his father, as he showed hatred to Daryun for killing him.


"Please hit me as much as you want. I won't blame you even if you slay me. However, I'm afraid the thing this arrogant musician has said is true. Ruknabad is the sacred object that is crucial to seal the Snake Lord. After your highness takes the throne as the righteous king, you could have priests conduct an appropriate ceremony to have it. At present, you don't need any help from that sacred sword to defeat enemies on earth."[1]


  1. Words from Zandeh to Hilmes after he threw the sacred sword, Ruknabad, to stop disastrous earthquake, and hit by Hilmes with the flat side of a sword /Book 5


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