Turan (トゥラーン Turān? ), officially the Kingdom of Turan, it is a neighbour of the kingdom of Pars, and the home of the Turanian people. Turan is known as "The rulers of the steppe".



Turan is located northeast of Pars, north of Shindra and share a border with the Kingdom of Turk in his southern region. The Kingdom is mostly occupied by plains and lowland, a natural element that holds an important place in the Turan culture. The country also has some hills. The weather is cold and harsh. Its capital is Samangan.


5 years before the initial conquest of Pars, Turan was one of three members of the Alliance of Three Kingdoms, whose goal was the defeat of their rich neighborhood country, but a strategy of false information created by the lord of Daylam led to a quick end of the alliance, and the Turanian army was, as well as the Shindran and the Turkian army, repulsed by the Parsian army.

Reign of TokhtamyshEdit

Under the reign of Tokhtamysh, a campaign was launch against the fortress of Peshawar, as the Parsian forces have been marching to liberate Ecbatana in the west. The campaign end edin complete defeat; thank to the timely arrived of Prince Arslan's army and the sucessful of another trap made by lord Narsus. King Tokhtamysh's retreat order and his subsequent attempt to open negotiation enraged Prince Ilterish, who promptly kill him in front of the whole officers of the Turanian army and accordingly became the new Turanian king.

Military ForcesEdit

Turanian warriors are quite brave and swift; even Parsian cavalry, which was known as undefeatable, has difficulty in defeating them. However, they are not good at attacking a castle. They have a harsh sense of ethics, for example, in Turan, "a good king" means the one who is a brave warrior and rewards his men in a bountiful manner. If he fails to be so, he can no longer gain any loyalty.


Turan is a nomad country which lives mostly on plundering. Other than that, its main product is horse. Turanian people reside in gel. As they spend there whole life on grassland, they don't eat fish and Kumis is quite popular. They worship the sun as "Dayan". They are afraid of thunder and lightning.


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