Tokhtamysh (トクタミシュ Tokutamishu? ) is the former King of the eastern country Turan.


The Turanian Army InvadesEdit

Tokhtamysh, knowing that the majority of the Parsian Army was in the West, battling against Lusitania, launch an all out Attack on the Peshawar hold by Lucien, but the assault is driven out by the fortunate arrival of Arslan's army who manage to enter into the fortress. The Turan general Jimsa is momentarily captured.

The Monarch Versus the ConquerorEdit

At the war Council following the battle, he and his Generals are informed by Jimsa, that Narsus let escape on purpose, that a relieve column is on it way to suprise the turan army from the rear. This prompt Tokhtamysh to provoke Prince Arslan by executing random villagers from the surrounding countryside in order to draw him and his army out of the fortified fortress, while putting the matter of the parsian column in the hands of Jimsa.

The battle proved to be a disaster for the turan, as Marzban Daryun personally slew two generals while Jimsa leading an Attack against his own troops that end with high casualties. Tokhtamysh ordered the retreat. The next day he proposed to negotiate with the parsian, a strategy that led General Ilterish to stab his own King for failure and shameful conduct on the battlefield and seize the Turan crown.


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