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Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel

Lusitanian invasion of Pars




Keep of Saint-Emmanuel


Decisive Parsian victory


Kingdom of Pars

Kingdom of Lusitania

  • 110,000 Men
  • 70,000 Lusitanian
  • 30,000 Parsian

Heavy casualties

Heavy casualties


The Battle of the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel was the major battle of Prince Arslan campaign to free Pars from the Lusitanian invasion, and lead to the destruction of a major part of lusitanian army fighting in the conflict. It took place in Pars Era, year 321.


In the aftermath of the conquest of the Royal Capital Ecbatana, the remnant of the parsian army had been engaged in the Civil War between the two shindurian contender, which result in a decisive Victory for Prince Rajendra who became the new king and was made unwin the warden of Pars's eastern border. Fred to focus on Lusitania, Prince Arslan issued an decree to all surviving force to assemble at Peshawar, and thought the wealthy city of Giran did not send any troops or support, forces at Peshawar totaled 110,000 Men.

Lusitania, in the meantime, had been dealing with an serious internal crisis as a result of the rivalry between Archbishop Bodin and Grand Vizier and Supreme Commander Guiscard, and the latter send a force of 30,000 Parsian with The Silver Mask at their head to seize the castle of Zabuul from the Temple's Knights, a mission accomplished without casualties.
Guiscard decides to the Parsian offensive by construction many Fortress along the Continental way, such as the keep of saint Emmanuel commands by Count Barcacion, and adds 70,000 Lusitanian soldiers that had been stationed in all occupied Pars to the tracherous parsian. The force was then send to the fortress in order to stop the bigger parsian army, who had fought a skirmish with troops from the first of Guiscard's fortress and nearly lost their vanguard.

The BattleEdit


The news of the defeat was shocking for the lusitanian, and even the unbeliver Guiscard recite religious words. He then ordered the arrest of the Silver Mask for his defeated and his groundless promises of Victory.
However, the Silver Mask manages to defeat the party send for him, and reveal his identity as Prince Hilmes to the Lusitanian royal heir at swordpoint, and promised his help in dethroning Innocentius VII in exchange of the Kingdom of Pars.

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