Tahamine (タハミーネ Tahamīne?) is Arslan's mother, Andragoras III's wife and the current queen of the Pars Empire.

Appearance Edit

Tahamine is a beautiful woman with long, blonde hair and light blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Tahamine has a cold and distant personality, rarely speaking to her husband or even her own son. She rarely socializes with anyone other than her maids.

Plot Edit

Ecbatana is Burning Edit

The Queen waited for her son Arslan to finish his sword training. Once he arrived, the soldiers saluted to them as she praised their services for the kingdom. She begins walking away until Arslan stopped her, apologizing for being late. She replies that there is no need to apologize because of his constant practice on the sword everyday. As Arslan begins to talk about his practices, mentioning his short progress, she leaves without listening to anything else. After the King returned from the campaign, he entered the room, she asked for him to take off his armor. Ignoring her, the King presents his wife with gifts he had gathered from Maryam, but left the room after seeing her cold attitude, saying he will come again.

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

When Marzban Shapur is shot by an arrow to end his suffering of being tortured, Tahamine told her servants to bring the archer to her. When Gieve arrived, Tahamine thanked him, for saving loyal Shapur from suffering and give an award for doing so, until a servant of Tahamine called him a charlatan, saying that Gieve lied to her about being a prince and they had slept together. Tahamine wanting Gieve to show his profession with his skill, giving him a oud ,Gieve proceeding to sing the Heroic Deeds of Kaykhusraw. Tahamine rewarded him with 100 gold for his skill with the bow, another 100 gold for his talent with music, and told him he will not be receiving anymore for the crime of mispresenting himself to his waiting woman. In the midst of the battle, Marzbans Sam and Garshasph come to inform her of the deceased soldiers heads upon a table, asking if the king was among them. They replied he wasn't before she excused them out of the room. Sam would come again,urging Tahamine to make a law, that will stop the slaves from rebelling. Tahamine said that she will think about to make a law. 

Lusitanian soldiers came into the throne room with Tahamine, but instead of judging her, the king fell in love with her at first sight.

Prince Arslan Takes a Stand Edit

Even though Tahamine completely ignored Innocentis, he attempted to talk with Tahamine. He said that he is going to be an emperor and shouted that an emperor needs and empress, but she just kept silent.

Relationships Edit

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