Battle of Atropatene

Siege of Ecbatana

Parsian-Lusitanian War


1-3 November, 320


Ecbatana, Kingdom of Pars


Decisive Lusitanian Victory

Fall of Ecbatana




  • 10,000 footmen
  • 1,000 cavalry
  • 100,000 footmen & cavalry
  • Slaves of Ecbatana



The Siege of Ecbatana, also known as the Fall of Ecbatana, was the third major conflict of the Parsian-Lusitanian War and the climax of the war, which led to the fall of the Parsian royal capital city of Ecbatana as well as much of Parsian territory to the invading Lusitanians.

Background Edit

Days earlier the Royal Parsian Army was handed a devastating defeat by the invading Lusitanian Army, led by General Silvermask, at the fields of Atropatene. Afterwards the King of Pars Andragoras III was captured, unbeknownst to much of the Parsian public opinion. This left the Parsian royal capital of Ecbatana exposed and defenseless at the mercy of the Lusitanians.

The Parsian Crown Prince Arslan barely escaped the Atropatene battle with the help of his loyal servant General Daryun, having done little during the event. Meanwhile, as they fled much further from the battlefield, they stumbled upon a man named Narsus, who used to be once one of the generals and strategists in the Royal Parsian Army but was banished by Andragoras himself due to odds between his own attitude, skills and strategems and to those of the king and his generals. Arslan and Daryun asked for Narsus' assistance, in which the latter gladly agreed, and he instantly became the head strategist of the remnants of the Parsian Army still unmolested.

 Prelude Edit

The Lusitanian army arrived in strength in front of Ecbatana. As soon as Queen Tahamine and the city's defenders in the city wall parapets saw them, rumors quickly spread among the clueless local populace that the Lusitanians have arrived outside the city, which for their belief was impossible to occur. They soon began questioning the strength of the Parsian Army as well as the presence and whereabouts of King Andragoras.

Before the siege began, the Lusitanians first intimidated the defenders by torturing for show one of the Parsian generals captured in the battle of Atropatene, Shapur, in front of the defenders' eyes. It was the Archpriest of Lusitania and Head Inquisitor Bodin who did the torturing of Shapur, during which the latter bellowed on the Lusitanians to just kill himself rather than avoid the torture and conversion to the Lusitanian religion. Shapur was indeed killed, but not by the Lusitanians, but by one wandering man, Gieve, who was later rewarded by the Queen and later flees the heat of the battle.

 The Siege Edit

The siege of Ecbatana took place as soon as Shapur was killed. The Lusitanians assaulted bringing with them ladders, battering rams, siege towers and wooden bridges to cross the artificial river surrounding the city. The Parsians countered with trebuchets and arrow shoots. As a result, the defenders drove every assault the besiegers are undertaking.

Since the Lusitanians could not breach the city by sheer force, they resorted to propaganda. Knowing that there were slaves inside the city, the soldiers shouted in unison that the slaves would be promised freedom and equality if they are to assist them in taking the city. But Marzban Garshasph intimidated them, only to be reprimanded by the more conciliatory Marzban Sam. However, the slaves started rising up against the Parsians by attempting to open the main gate to the Lusitanians. Garshasph responded with killing 10 of them, but this only served to inflame the attitude of the slaves against Pars. For the time being the city hasn't yet been breached.

The wandering musician and warrior Gieve attempted to leave the city, and he went by the way of the city's underground aqueduct. But while on the way he met a few Lusitanian soldiers led by Silvermask himself inside the sewer, attempting to infiltrate the city from below. During the scene there was also one woman pretending to be the Queen ready to meet Silvermask, but as soon as she saw the defected Marzban Kharlan she was shouting his name in shock and by this time Silvermask pulled off the cloak in her face, revealing that she is not the Queen he is finding for. Gieve then dueled with Silvermask for a while and the latter seemingly lost, until he was saved by Kharlan. They went the other way, while the others remained, only to be slain by Gieve, who afterwards flees the city.

The last night of the siege saw the attackers intensifying their assaults towards the city. Kharlan's group meanwhile nonetheless continued through other aqueduct networks, eventually making their way to the Royal Palace and burning it. Seeing this, Sam and a few of his men went there, only to be met by the defected Kharlan. They exchanged few words then dueled for a few moments until Sam seemingly dies by a stab of a sword. The main gate was being opened by the slaves, and soon after Garshasph and his men attempted to stem the advance of the entering Lusitanians by conducting a cavalry charge but was killed afterwards. The next day, the city fell to the Lusitanians.

 Aftermath Edit

The Lusitanians plundered the city, terrifying the locals. The Grand Vizier of Lusitania, Guiscard, set up a military administration in Ecbatana after the siege, with the Emperor of Lusitania Innocentius VII present. Meanwhile, Silvermask sent Kharlan to find Crown Prince Arslan and bring him towards. Kharlan performs the task, bringing his men -- all Parsian deserts -- with him heading northern Pars where Prince Arslan is supposed to be, only to be defeated and killed by a team composed of the prince, Narsus, Elam, Daryun, Farangis and Gieve (who later stumbled on the team after fleeing the city during the siege) in an ambush.

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