Shapur (シャプール Shapur? ) is one of Pars's Marzban.


Shapur has short violet hair and brown eye. He is only show wearing a armor and a arrow catch on it.


Shapur is a firm follower of Pars's Faith and not afraid of death.


Siege of EcbatanaEdit

When the Lustanian army finally reached Ecbatana after winning a decisive victory at Atropatene, they dragged Shapur near the gate in an imprisoned state on a carriage. The the archibishop Bodin started to torture Shapur to make him an example fort the heathens. After a few hits, Shapur called manfully to the people of Ecbatana and said that he would rather dying by a friend’s arrow than being tortured by the Lusitanians.
As the Parsian archers thinks Shapur is out of reach and can't be save, a travelling musician named Gieve killed Shapur by shooting him with a arrow. Shapur thanks the mysterious archer who abridge his suffering before dying.



Shapur thanks Gieve for killing him before dying, not knowing the identity of the man who save him for further Lusitanians's tortures.


  • Shapur is a one of Pars's Marzban, which means he commands 10,000 Horsemen.
  • Shapur is not named during the OVA and is identity as a Parsian General is not communicate.



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