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Marzban Sahpur at Atropatene

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Country Pars
Position Marzban
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Josh Grelle
Shapur (シャプール Shapur? ) is one of Pars's Marzban.

Appearance Edit

Shapur has short black hair with the exception of two braids that lies on either side of his shoulders and piercing red eyes. Because of his rank and short time appearance, Shapur has only been seen with a purple cloak over his armor.

Personality Edit

Shapur is a strong loyalist of Andragoras lll and firm follower of Pars's Faith. He is an uptight and extremely serious man, proceeding in a straightforward and logical manner.

Plot Edit

Ecbatana is Burning Edit

Shapur was mentioned by Kharlan among the names of Marzbans that would be fighting. Shapur appeared again, taking his men into battle. In the middle of the fight, Shapur threw his helmet down in anger after learning of the king abandoning his people in the fight. He begins arguing with Kubard about the king's duty before being warned of Lusitanian soldiers approaching, causing them to go into battle.

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

When the Lustanian army reaches Ecbatana, they drag Shapur near the gate in an imprisoned state. The Archpriest Bodin begins talking to the Pars Calvary about torturing the Marzban, stating they will cut off limbs from his body to make Shapur an example for the heathens. After being striked by Bodin, Shapur calls upon the people of Ecbatana to shooting him with an arrow by a friend than be tortured by the enemy. Many unsuccessful tries finally leaves a travelling musician to succeed in killing Shapur by shooting him in the head with an arrow, thus, ending his pain.

Relationships Edit

Kubard Edit

Shapur and Kubard are some sort of friendly rivals, as they argue about a king's duties during the Battle of Atropatene.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'd rather die on the arrow of a friend than be made sport of by these Lusitanian barbarians!" — Shapur

Trivia Edit

  • Shapur is a one of Pars's Marzban, which means he commands 10,000 Horsemen.
  • His fate in the Anime and the OVA differs a little.