Shapur (シャプール Shapūru? ) is one of Pars's Marzban.


2013 Manga and AnimeEdit

In the 2013 manga and anime, he has short black hair with the exception of two braids that lie on either side of his shoulders and piercing red eyes. Because of his rank and short time of appearance, Shapur has only been seen with a purple cloak over his armor.


Shapur is strongly loyal to Andragoras III and a firm follower of Pars' Faith. He is an uptight and extremely serious man, proceeding in a straightforward and logical manner.



Shapur and Kubard are some sort of friendly rivals, as they argue about a king's duties during the Battle of Atropatene.


  • Shapur is probably named after Shapur I of Persia, also known as Shapur I the Great, was the second shahanshah (king of kings) of the Sasanian Empire.
  • Shapur is one of Pars' Marzban, which means he commands 10,000 Horsemen.
  • His fate in the Anime and the OVA differs a little.



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