Shaghad (シャガード Shagaado? ) is one of the supporting characters of the anime series based on the Arakawa manga. He is a distant relative of Narsus and also an old friend. He resides in Gilan as a wealthy merchant.


Shaghad is described as a man with noble looking more than Narsus does, though his skin is tanned by the strong sunshine of Gilan. He has green eyes in the 2016 anime and brown hair that is tied into a high ponytail. In the novel, his hair is described as curly.


He loves luxurious life and doesn’t care about slaves’ life. Though he used to have a reputation of intelligence and swordplay as much as Narsus had, he seems to just jealous of Narsus after they reunite.


He studied in the Royal Academy. Different from Narsus, he has never worked for the government. Instead, he changed his inheritance into jewelry and gold, and becomes a prodigal living in a mansion in Gilan. He owns a vast orchard and makes more than 100 slaves work hard in it.



Shaghad and Narsus have been friends for a long time. According to Elam, he is a son of Narsus’s father’s sister’s husband’s cousin. He used to study together with Narsus in the Royal Academy.


  • His mother is partly of Maryam descent.



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