Arslan Senki Marzban Sam.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Marzban
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Gray and White
Eye Color Blue
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actor
Japanese Hiroshi Yanaka
English Jeffrey Schmidt

Sam (サーム Sam? ) is one of Pars's Marzban.

Appearance Edit

He has black sideburns beard and Black/Gray hair. He seems to be a little sinewy.

Personality Edit

Sam doesn't have a strong belief in the use of force, notably shown when he told Garshasph to stop threatening Ecbatana's slaves after they listen Lusitania's claims.

He also ask for the slaves's freedom for good work during the siege of Ecbatana.

Plot Edit

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

Sam didn’t participate in the Battle of Atropatene because he was in charge of Ecbatana’s defence. He was shocked when the Lusitanian Army arrived to Ecbatana’s Gate with an imprisoned Shapur. He was also one of the few who understood how serious their situation was when Lusitanians told the slaves to rebel. Along with Marzban Garshasph informs the Queen about the fallen soldiers. When Garshasph kills ten slaves, Sam told him that he caused to a thousand more to rebel. He requested the Queen to make a law to stop the slaves from rebelling and she replies, stating she will think about it. When the Lusitanians invade the Palace, he quickly took a horse and galloped there, shocked to find Kharlan with the enemy. In the midst of their fight, Kharlan tells him to accept the faith of Yaldaboath in order to keep his life and rank, refusing to betray his country. Sam attempts to flee, but is ultimately defeated by Hilmes.

Road to PeshawarEdit

After waking up, Sam wondered why is he alive. Suddenly, Silvermask entered into Sam’s room, and Sam asked him why is he alive. Hilmes told him to serve him, Sam answers that he will only serve to the king. However after revealing his face Hilmes shockes Sam as the Marzban questions how Hilmes is still alive. He left the room after telling him to think carefully.

Siege of Zabul CastleEdit

He appears when he advices Hilmes to accept Guiscard's command to lead a punitive force against the 30,000 knights of Bodin who had taken the the impressive castle of Zabul, stating that he will permit to Hilmes to raise an Army of Parsians and take supplies from the Lusitanian Army. Later he declares his confident about the Castle's weakness and it next fall. He leaves Ecbatana with Hilmes, Xandes and a Troops of 30,000 Parsians. During the travels the rumor about a one-eyed warrior come to his ears. He correctly guess the warrior as Kubard, a Marzban who participated in The Battle of Atropatene. He meets him in a cavern and ask him to join the the Army of Hilmes, a prince of Pars and Kubard accepts the offers. When the attackers came in sight of the Fortress, they decide to draw the Knights out of by burning on a field the flag of Yaldaboth. the act make angry Bodin who order the Knights out of the Castle to attack the parsian. Xandes, Hilmes and Kubard led the Parsian with Sam and they kill many of their ennemies. During the Battle, Sam is nearly kill after his horse's dead but is saved by the Silver Mask, who states he will not die until he is crowned King.

The battle ends in a Parsian Victory as the Temple Knights retreat inside the Fortress, leaving 2,000 of their dead on the battlefield. Sam congratulates Kubard for his performance at the end of the day, saying he has a plan to win the siege. The two are joined by Hilmes and Xandes, Kubard profits the occasion to ask him why Hilmes want to take the throne and who stole it away from him, a question that enraged Xandes and led Sam to suggest Kubard to be more polite. Later, Kubard decides to leave Hilmes'army as he loves being free from his commands. Before leaving, Sam informs him that Arslan has the loyalty of Daryun and Narsus, a news that surprises Kubard who thought Narsus hated the Royalty. As he leave, Kubard wishes good luck to Sam in the battle, though he states he is a unbeliever and the promises could have the opposite effect. The punitive force finally manage to Take the Castle, and Sam bring the news to Hilmes in the main room that the last Temple's Knights would hasn't escape from the Citadel commit suicide. Along with the Parsian force, he remains in the Fortress and is present with Hilmes when Xandes bring the news that Arslan's Army is leaving Peshawar to the West to battle the Lusitanian Army and display no emotion when Hilmes proclaims his intention the fight the Parsian Prince.

The Battle of the Keep of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

Sam accompanies Hilmes and the punitive force to Ecbatana and later to the Keep of Saint-Emmanuel to defeat Arslan's Army, along with 70.0000 Lusitanian Soldiers put under the Command of Hilmes by Guiscard. During the early stage of the Battle, he moves at the wall of the Keep, his presence causing a low morale among the Parsian soldiers attacking the Keep. Later he takes command of Parsian Soldiers and move into position in the aqueduct, thinking that Arslan's Army will try to use it to open the gate of Castle from within and is right as a flying column under the command of Kishward meet them.

A battle soon ensues between the two Parsian Party, and Kishward quickly engages Sam in a Duel. Kishward states there is no way to pledge loyalty to Hilmes, who sold his country for the throne, while Sam stating Hilmes's decisions will be more right once he takes the throne. Sam and Kishward both add they would not to fight each other. Kishward wins the duel by sending Sam's sword away but Sam's soldiers quickly put before him, while Kishward's own troops did not manage to break though Sam's troops. Sam later retreats to the fortress, and is present the next day when the Parsian Army enter the fortress after a Parsian unit under the command of Alfreed seizes the gate system. He is shocked by the news, as he knows Hilmes's Army could not stand a chance once the gate had been breached. He leads the Lusitanian troops out of the palace in a last attempt to block the Parsian Army. He fight Narsus in a duel while the Parsian soldiers, along with Arslan and Daryun, manage to enter the palace to confront Hilmes and the Lusitanian Count Barcacion. Seeing there is no hope for victory, Sam orders his men to flee.

Relationships Edit

Garshasph Edit

Sam and Garshasph do not get along on the Capital's defense and the slaves, but they do not seem to hate each other.

Kharlan Edit

Sam loathes Kharlan after his betrayal and he refuses his offers of submission to Lusitania.

Tahamine Edit

He remains faithful and shows a great respect to the Queen, in spite of the fact that she refuses his advice.

Hilmes Edit

Sam is very shocked when the Silver Mask revealed his true identity to him. The act transform him into one of his most loyal subject.

Andragoras III Edit

Sam was a loyal General of Andragoras, but appears deeply affected when Andragoras confirms he try to kill Hilmes years ago just before laughing evilly about the fact that Sam has any reason to search about the story.

Kubard Edit

Sam and Kubard are good friends, and their friendship appears to be friendlier than the friendly rivalry between Kubard and Shapur.


  • "Two Kings cannot rule one Kingdom. Cruel though it may be, that has ever been the unyielding rule." —Sam

Trivia Edit

  • Sam is one of the Pars's Marzban; this means he commands 10,000 horsemen.
  • A Character from The Legend of The Galactic Heroes, another novels of Yoshiki Tanaka, is also named Sam.