Rajendra (ラジェンドラ Rajendra) is a character of the anime series based on the Arakawa manga. He is a prince of the Kingdom of Sindhra. He is competing against his older brother, Gadevi for the throne of Shindra and forms an alliance with Arslan.

Appearance Edit

In the anime series,he is lightly tanned and wears a red turban around his head while exposing the top of his hair. He has two hoop earrings and also a lip piercing. His outfit consists of a yellow robe on top of his white shirt. He has brown hair and wears traditional Indian outfits.

Personality Edit

He is somewhat eccentric and reckless, not caring about the danger that lies ahead of him. Like Hilmes, the only thing that he cares about is ascending to the throne of kingdom of Sindhra. He is friendly, as he became friends Arslan and his advisors in a short amount of time. He also deeply cares about his soldiers as he said he would retreat to save the rest of his men.

Plot Edit

Alliance With Shindra Edit

Relationships Edit

Arslan Edit

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Gadevi Edit

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Karikala II Edit

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Daryun Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He is 10 years older than Arslan.

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