Rajendra (ラジェンドラ Rajendora? ) is a former prince and current king of the Kingdom of Shindra. He was competing against his older brother, Gadevi for the throne and as such formed an alliance with Arslan.


Rajendra Anime Design

In the anime series, he is lightly tanned and wears a red turban around his head, while exposing the top of his hair. He has two hoop earrings and also a lip piercing. His outfit consists of a yellow robe on top of his white shirt.


Rajendra is first shown to be a somewhat eccentric and reckless prince who does not seem to care about any potential danger that lies ahead of him. Similarly to Hilmes, the only thing that he cares about is ascending to the throne of kingdom of Shindra, and then later when he become king, the prosperity of his own kingdom and the expansion of its territories. 

However, Rajendra is distinct from most of kings in the story as he is friendly to common citizens and popular among them, though this popularity is also supported by the fact that his mother was a slave.

As noted by Narsus, Rajendra is a born actor, and one who is good enough to even fool Rajendra himself. However, this is not to say that he is difficult to read, as despite his friendly, eccentric facade, what truly matters to him is ultimately his own desires. While he has capacity for compassion and honor, he shows that side of him only when it suits him and when it is to his advantage. He would not hesitate to dispose of anyone who gets in the way of his ambition, friend and foe alike, shown by his betrayal of Arslan despite what the latter has done for him.


Arslan Edit

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Gadevi Edit

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Karikala II Edit

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Daryun Edit

Rajendra seems to respect and acknowledge Daryun as a warrior. So much so that he doesn't hesitate to ask for Daryun's help during the Duel before the Gods.


  • He is 10 years older than Arslan.



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