On the cover of book 4.
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Country Pars
Hometown Daylam
Residence Ecbatana (former)
Mt. Bashur (former)
Position Adviser
Relatives Teos (father)
Physical Attributes
Height lower than Daryun[1]
Hair Color Brown
Novel Book 1
Image Gallery

Narsus (ナルサス Narusasu? ) is one of the main characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is one of the members of the Camp of Arslan that fights against Lusitanian invasion. He is Arslan's adviser, and Daryun's close friend.


Although he was born as an only son of the feudal lord of Daylam, Teos, he grew up in the city of Ecbatana and lived as an ordinal citizen until the age of 10, as his mother is a free citizen who isn't a legal wife. He studied at the Royal Academy.

In Pars era 315, he arrived Ecbatana from Daylam in place of Teos, who had died from falling down stairs. At that time, he showed his skill as a tactician by defeating armies from three countries. Andoragoras rewarded him with 10 thousand gold coins and the post of royal secretary.

However, several years later, Narsus left Ecbatana of his own will, as his political ideas had conflicted that of Andoragoras. 

He returned his land to the king and became a hermit. After that, he lived with Elam, who followed Narsus to serve him.


It is said that while he worked as a royal secretary, rumors about his love affairs were well known at the palace.


When the camp of Arslan arrives Gilan, he asks Shagad(Gilan), his old friend, for help. However, Shagad rejects and attacks them, only to be defeated in turn. After that, Narsus is extremely resented by him.

After Arslan is crowned, he becomes a vice-president and a court painter at the same time, though the strangeness of his paintings is famous among Parsians.

He has neither reject nor accept Alfreed's feeling for about 5 years. However, in Pars era 325, they finally get engaged.

Soon after that, they attend a battle with Misr. In the middle of their travel, Narsus decides to go to the castle of Zabul with a small group of army and Alfreed follows him. There, they happen to encounter Hilmes' army from Maryam, which neither Narsus nor Hilmes have expected. Their battle is heated, but in the end Hilmes slays Narsus. Alfreed attacks Himes to save her husband's body from being ruined further, but Burhan (Hilmes' servant and Jimsa's brother) shoots her and causes her fatal injury. Leaning on Narsus' body, his fianceé passes away. Finding the smoke of an emergency signal, Daryun and others rush there, but it is too late.[2] December 20, 325. He is 31 at the time.


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