Montferrat (モンフェラート Monferāto? ) is a Lusitanian General.


He has dark blonde hair and eyebrows and a dark brown beard.

He is usually seen weary the Lusitanian Army Uniform.


Ecbatana is BurningEdit

Montferrat takes part in the Battle of Atropatene and the invasion of Pars, having served in the conquest of Kingdom of Maryam just before Pars's invasion. At the battle he was posted in the Lusitanian's fortification and remarks that Pars's cavalry is formidable. Near the end of the battle he discusses with his fellow General Baudouin.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

Montferrat probably participated in the siege of the Royal Capital and was present after the battle when the Captured Queen Tahamine was brought to the King of Lusitania. He, like all other intendants, were shocked when the King announces his intention to marry Tahamine.

The Battle of the Keep of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

Montferrat and Baudouin were mentioned to the gathered Lusitanian Troops scattered across the occupied Pars in order to face the Parsian Army advancing toward Ecbatana from Peshawar.

Calamity of KingsEdit

After Hilmes's disposal of some of the top Lusitanian generals, Montferrat and Baudouin became Guiscard's advisor and councillor, helping the Prince in dealing with the declining situation, and they participated in the assassination plot against Innocentius, but they can do little more than Watch as Hilmes raids Ecbatana and save Princess Irina.


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