Montferrat (モンフェラート Montferrat? ) is a Lusitanian General.

Appearance Edit

He has blond hair, blond eyebrows and a black beard in the Anime whereas he has long gray hair a gray mustache and in the OVA and look older.

He is usually seen wearing a Lusitanian army's uniform in the anime.

Personnality Edit

Baudouin is a believer in Yaldaboth's faith, but he shows grief in killing civilians, including babies, stating that Yaldaboth will not give his blessing to Child killers. He has a Darker side, in particular his sadistic smile when he thinks of the fate Innocentius will reserve to Taramineh.

Relationships Edit


Montferrat and his fellow General Baudouin are show to be friend.


After Hilmes capture Tahamine, Montferrat still seems to doesn't trust Hilmes, stating that Hermes's eyes behind his mask disturb him. In the original novel, Montferrat's younger brother was killed by Hilmes during the conflict between Guiscard and Bodin.

Trivia Edit

  • His appearance in the OAV and the anime are different.

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