Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Deputy Leader of Zott Tribe
Relatives Heyrtash (father)
Alfreed (sister)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Red
Novel Book 4
Image Gallery

Merlane (メルレイン Merurein? ) is one of the main characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is the son of the Zott Tribe leader Heyrtash.


According to Merlane, his father did not like him. In fact, he had been hit many times by his father due to his face, which always looks displeased. Though Heyrtash had admitted he has a good ability to fight. It's also said that Merlane is not favored by the others and not suitable to become the leader of the Zotts. For that reason, he had to find his sister to have her fill the empty position of the leader after Heyrtash died, and began his travel.


He is a very skilled bowman. Before he meets Farangis and Gieve, he often introduced himself as "The second best bowman in Pars".

Also, he can make a kind of gun powder and he often makes explosions to disrupt enemy in battles.


When he arrives Daylam, he comes upon a battle between Lusitanians and Kubard, who has taken the wrong way while traveling to Peshawar after leaving Hilmes' party. Cooperating with Kubard and citizens of Daylam, Merlane defeat Lusitanians.

At that time, a ship from Maryam has arrived there via an inland sea. Being asked by Irina, who has exiled herself from her country by the ship, Merlane decides to guard her during her search of Hilmes. Kubard parts him after giving him the information of Hilmes' out look. Though they manage to encounter Hilmes, he denies his identity and leaves them. As Merlane doesn't know that Hilmes has killed his father, he just lets him go.

After that, Lusitanians find them and take them to Ecbatana. Merlane manages to escape and tries to rescue Irina. However, Irina is saved by Hilmes. As he encounters Ester during his escape from Ecbatana and gains his sisters' information, he travels toward Gilan with her, who is also hunted by other Lusitanians. He reunites with his sister in Gilan. However, as she refuses to go back to her tribe, he decides to follow Arslan's party for a moment.

Even after the war with Lusitania, his sister doesn't leave Ecbatana, and he becomes the deputy leader of Zott tribe. He always refuses to be called as the leader of Zott tribe and when someone calls him so, he corrects it without fail.

When he realizes that the relation between Alfreed and Narsus has finally changed, he tells her that he'll accept the position of the leader after she returns from the battle with Misr, and she'll be free from the duty. However, he becomes the first person in Ecbatana to receive the news of his sister and her fiancé's death.

Merlane asks Arslan for an allowance to have a duel with Burhan, who shot Alfarid and was captured. He wins, but he feels unhappy as the man he has beheaded was a brother of Jimsa, who was one of his companions. His face becomes less emotional and he becomes more quiet. On the day of The Last Battle, he bravely fight with Zahhak and damages the enemy's right hand, but finally, he is beheaded by Zahhak. It is Pars era May 1, 326.[1]


  1. Book 16 Infinite Sky and World (天涯無限 Tengai Mugen? )


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