Maryam is a Kingdom that resides in the north-west of Pars. This country was also an ally of the Kingdom of Pars, before it fell. It is now invaded by the Kingdom of Lusitania.

Geography Edit

Not much is known about this country's geography. Maryam has lots of long rivers and is covered with mountains. It also has coastal areas. The weather may be a little colder than Pars's as the country is closer to north.

Its capital city is Iraklion.

History Edit

In Pars Era, year 317, Lusitania tried to invade Maryam but failed, as Andragoras lll came to help with an army of 300,000 men. Three years later, Lusitania once again tried to invade Maryam and the kingdom fell so easily this time, due to Hilmes aiding Lusitania and later to be revealed the treacherous King of Maryam for giving away his own kingdom to be on the winning side. After the war, the Lusitanians burned lots of citizens, even children and babies, as they didn't believe in the Faith of Yaldabaoth. They also forced their beliefs upon the remaining citizens. After having a fight with Prince Guiscard, Bodin came to Maryam with his Temple Knights.

Culture and Industry Edit

It is mentioned that the country has admirable tradition and history, but poor with resources.

Religion Edit

The major religion is Yaldabaoth. Unlike Lusitania, which is in exclusive Westurn Church, Maryam is in Eastern Church, which is more tolerant of other religion.

Trivia Edit

Maryam is possible based on the Arsacid Armenian Kingdom in late Antiquity.