Kunthavai (Kunthava? ) is a secondary characters of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is a General of the Kingdom of Shindra at the time of King Rajendra's reign.


Kunthavai is bold but have a light brown beard.


Not much is know about his personality.


End of Shindra's sucession WarEdit

Kunthavai first appears as the Commander of the 3.000 Soldiers Rajendra lend to Pars as part of the agreement made with Arslan when the latter was captured at Peshawar. However, Rajendra instructed Kunthavai to betray the Parsian Troop on the way back to Peshawar by enjoying the night and the surprise effect.
Unfortunately for Rajendra and Kunthavai, the Parsian side is inquired of the betrayal's plan by Jaswant, a agent of the former Grand Vizier Mahendra and the surprise attack result in a defeat of the betrayers, and Kunthavai was killed while the Troops led by Rajendra who should have help him were lured into a trap and defeated too.



Kunthavai serve Rajendra as one of his Generals, and he put him in charge of 3.000 soldiers who were ordered to betray their supposed Parsian Ally.



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