Arslan Senki - 23 Kubard.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Country Pars
Position Marzban
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Chris Ryan

Kubard (クバード Kubādo? ) is a secondary character of the anime The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is one of Pars' Marzban.


In the anime, he has grey hair and black chin hairs. He has a scar on the left eye.


Kubard drinking sake

Kubard is almost never seen sober. As a veteran warrior, he is not afraid of huge battles. But was shocked and angry when he heard that the king had fled, and stated that he would stop fighting because the king that runs from protecting his people is no king.


Ecbatana is BurningEdit

After the defeating Lusitania, saving their ally Maryam, the army returns to Pars with resounding cheers in victory. Kubard was shown to be drinking as citizens commented on whether he was ever sober as a child mentioned he lost an eye to a dragon.
Kubard and Shapur
Kubard was mentioned by Kharlan among the names of Marzbans that would be fighting. He is seen again taking his men into battle. In the middle of the fight, he gives up after learning of the king abandoning his men, arguing with fellow Marzban Shapur about a king's duty. During their bickering, they are warned of approaching Lusitanians and quickly engages into a fight.

Siege of Zabul FortressEdit

During the march to Zabul, Sam heard the story of a man with amazing fighting abilities who love wines and women and has only one eye. He correctly guess the warrior to be Kubard and meet him in cave. After discussing of the state of Ecbatana, Sam proposes Kubard to join the Punitive Expedition against the Temple Knights and he accepts the offer. When the Parsian Troops arrive the Knight are stationed in the Fortress.
The troops challenge the besieged by burning the flag of Yaldaboth on the plain in front of the Citadel. The enraged Knights come out of the Castle and charge the attackers. Kubard enters the battle at the last moment, per Hilmes and Sam's instructions, killing a number of Knights and forcing them to retreat inside the Fortress, leaving behind two thousand of their dead. However, at the end of the days, Kubard decides to leave the Army's camp as he prefers to have a freedom to movement and says farewell to Sam. Before leaving, he ask Hilmes about his past and the reason that drive him to seek the throne and asking informations from Sam about Arslan's followers.
Kubard's leave is not tolerate by Xandes, who send Parsian soldiers to kill him before the he reaches the Mountain separating him of Peshawar. However, Kubard quickly kill the soldiers before realizing that he can't serve Hilmes after this.

Battle of Keep of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

Kubard reaches the Keep of Saint-Emmmanuel in the middle of the battle, quickly shows his warrior ability by saving a Parsian rider who was chased by Lusitanian horsemen. Though he does not report to the Parsian's camp, he plays a critical role in the battle the next day, when he prevents an ambush targeting Parsian who were advancing in the Fortress. During this fight he is recognized by Arslan, and Kubard displays his readiness to serve the prince.

When the battle finally ends, he is seen drinking with Farangis after she learned about his actual rank on the Keep's tower.



Shapur and Kubard are some sort of friendly rivals, as they argue about a king's duties during the Battle of Atropatene.

Andragoras IIIEdit

Kubard was possibly loyal to Andragoras at the beginning of the series until he learned of the false news about the king running away. He appeared shocked at first before giving up his duty to fight stating that the king's responsibility is to protect the kingdom. 


Hilmes and Kubard seems to not hate nor like each other, the first appears to not take interest in Kubard's intention of leaving or the fact that Kubard serves Andragoras.


Xandes doesn't like Kubard, as the latter doesn't show enough politeness to Hilmes. The fact is so gaudy that Xandes nearly take out his weapon, thought Kubard seems to not care about that.


  • Kubard is a one of Pars's Marzban, which means he commands 10,000 Horsemen.
  • It is rumored that he lost his left eye in a fight with a dragon.


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