Khayr (クルプ Khayr? ) was one of Pars's Marzban.

Appearance Edit

Khayr has black hair with same colored sideburns and mustache, including his eyebrows. He wears a yellow cloak over his armor.

Personality Edit

Nothing is known about his personality.

Plot Edit

Ecbatana is Burning Edit

Khayr was present in the Battle of Atropatene, commanding over 10,000 horsemen. He was killed by the Lusitanians during the battle along with his fellow Marzban Manuchurch.
His death was report to the King of Pars by the Eran Vahriz.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

The 10th day of the Siege of Ecbatana, Lusitanians begin to expose the head of Parsian deads in an attempt to demoralize the defenders. Khayr's severed head was exposed along with those of Manuchurch and Vahriz.

Trivia Edit

Khayr is one of Pars' Marzban.

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