Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Country Pars
Position Marzban (formerly)
Relatives Zandeh (Son)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Tōru Ōkawa
English Kent Williams

Kharlan (カーラーン Kārān? ) is the first main Antagonist one of the of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is one of the Pars's Marzban


He has short dark hair, with piercing blue eyes. He also has a moustache and is very tall. Due to his ranking as Marzban and Eran, Kharlan is almost always wearing his armor and helmet.


Kharlan seems to be a loyal and stern man and he has utmost loyalty to Hilmes. For the rightful king of Pars's sake, he betrays King Andragoras III. Even though he fights for the sake of Pars, his actions result in lots of Parsians dying and suffering, and he even burns a village himself. He is always formal and doesn't care about what the other people is thinking about him, as he doesn't say anything even though everyone calls him a traitor. He is considered a smart man even by Daryun and Narsus. He most likely had a good relationship with Arslan as his final thoughts were about him and Arslan was very shocked when he revealed himself to be a traitor. He is also assumed to have a good relationship with his son, as Zandeh challenged Daryun and tried to avenge his father.


Ecbatana is BurningEdit

Kharlan participated in the battle against Lusitania. After the war, he returned to the capital with King Andragoras.

When he saw the Prince looking nervous, he assured Arslan that there is no way that they will lose. While they were talking, Azrael came back. Even though the sky was clear, Azrael's feathers were damp, so Kharlan set out to scout the area. He also advised Daryun to go and talk with the King about this situation. During the battle, Kharlan heard Arslan's voice and finally found him. Arslan got nervous seeing him with Lusitanian soldiers. He attacked
Traitor Kharlan
Arslan and told him that he had done nothing wrong, but still, he needs to die right here, but Daryun suddenly rushed and attacked Kharlan. Kharlan told him to listen, but Daryun had no intention to do so. Knowing his strength, Kharlan ordered his men to retreat and left.

Siege of EcbatanaEdit

He took a secret passage with Hermes to invade Ecbatana. They mistook a woman for the Queen and Hermes killed her, then fought with a man who was also there. But Kharlan stopped him and they invaded Ecbatana. He fought with Marzban Sam and told him to accept the faith of Yaldaboath, but he refused and attempted to escape. Hermes defeated him.

Prince Arslan Takes a StandEdit

After apologizing to Hermes about being unable to capture Narsus, he asked permission from Prince Guiscard to muster his men, and left Ecbatana with a 1000 men in search of Arslan.


He destroyed a village, killing every man, and told the women to go to the next village and told that if Arslan doesn't appear, it will be their turn next. While they were camping, a man came and said that the Prince is going south, but Kharlan killed him, telling that he is a spy of Narsus. Some citizens came and told that they saw Arslan heading North. Kharlan stated that they are probably going to Narsus' old castle or Peshawar and immediately headed North with his forces. Arslan's forces ambushed them and made his men retreat but Kharlan charged at Arslan. Arslan tried to shoot him but was out of arrows. Arslan wanted him to tell his reason for betraying Pars but Kharlan attempted to attack him but Daryun came to protect Arslan.

Daryun vs Kharlan

Daryun defeated him but Kharlan got struck by his own spear after falling down the hill. While Narsus was questioning Kharlan, Arslan came and told him not to die. Kharlan was surprised that such a group was serving Price Arslan. He told them the king is alive and Arslan once again told him not to die, but he said that he can't do as he is ordered and died. H