Kharlan (カーラーン Kārān? ) is the first main Antagonist one of the of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is one of the Pars's Marzban


2013 Manga and SeriesEdit

Kharlan has short black hair. He has also piercing eyes.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA, he has long brown hair.


Kharlan seems to be a loyal and stern man, thought to be friendly with Arslan. However, he is later reveal to be traiterous and merciless, as he betrays his Country, burn Parsian village and men and execute a man without hesitation. He has utmost loyalty to the Silvermask.



Before the battle of Atropatene, Kharlan talks to Arslan in a friendly manner, stating there is nothing to be worried about due to it being the young prince's first maiden battle. They later meet again, when Arslan is calling out for someone to help him. Listening to the prince's cries, Kharlan approaches him with Lusitanian soldiers following, causing Arslan to realize Kharlan a traitor. The former Marzban proceeds to kill Arslan before Daryun arrived to save the prince. After Kharlan is pierced by his own blade, Arslan runs over to the dying man, telling him not to die. Amused by this and Arslan's group, Kharlan tells the prince he cannot follow his order then dies choking on his blood.


Kharlan is firmly loyal to the Silver Mask, kneeling when he is in his presence and ready to kill innocent Civilians in order to kill Hermes'rival and betrayed his own Country.


Not much is known about their relationship, but it is assumed that Kharlan and Zandeh had a steady one due to Zandeh hating Daryun for killing his father.


  • "I can't follow your orders" — Kharlan


  • Kharlan is one of Pars' Marzban and in charge of scouting at Atropatene.[1]


  1. Military commander, kanji reads leader of 10.000 horses.


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