Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Country Turan
Position General
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Anime Episode 27
Voice Actor
Japanese Sōma Saitō

Jimsa (ジムサ Jimsa? ) is a General of the Turanian Army in the year 321 of the Parsian Calender.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

A small man with a childish face, Jimsa was less more regid that some of others turanian generals, being much more relaxed at the war Council and showing no conséquences of being captured in battle.


The Turanian Army InvadesEdit

Jimsa is one of the Generals leading the Turanian army Attack on the Fortress of Peshawar, an Attack interrupted by the good timing arrival of Arslan's army, whose cavalry clash with the turanian. During the Attack Jimsa is confronted by the fierce Marzban Kubard, who managed to unhorse him and project him in the ground and is subseqently captured.

The Monarch Versus The ConquerorEdit

He became a spawn of Lord Narsus's strategy to lure the turanian into a trap, and he is let escape after hearing a false report about a approching aprsian column. He reports the fact at a war Council, and is made co-commander of force put in charge to deal with the column by King Tokhtamysh. As predicted, the following battle turn into a turanian rout as Jimsa led his force into attacking an friendly force and realising it too late, while Tokhtamysh being forced to ordered the retreat of the main fighting force.