Jaswant Epithet.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Country Shindra
Position a member of the Camp of Arslan 
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown 
Eye Color Green
Anime Episode 14
Voice Actor
Japanese Wataru Hatano
Hiro Yukki

Jaswant (ジャスワント Jaswant?) was an agent of the Grand Vizier of the Kingdom of Shindra. Now, he is one of the members of Camp of Arslan that fights against the Lusitanian invasion.

Appearance Edit

Jaswant Anime Design

He is depicted with dark brown short hair and green eyes. His skin is dark brown and he has got a muscular build. He wears hoop shaped golden earrings in both ears and a golden bracelet on his left wrist.

He wears black pants, a dark green waistcoat and a grey turban.

Personality Edit

Jaswant is a firm believer of the religion of Shindra and was loyal to the Grand Vizier Mahendra, who was like a father figure to him and was even willing to sacrifice his own life for him. He spied on Prince Rajendra and protected Prince Gadevi for Mahendra's sake and cried like a baby when he died. He is a skilled warrior and isn't afraid of death as he told Arslan to kill him quickly. He is also very formal and serious, and was noticeably irritated when Gieve flirted with womans in Gujarat Fortress.

Plot Edit

Alliance with Shindra Edit

Jaswant first appears as a spy of Mahendra, servant of Gadevi, posing as a Guide for Rajendra. The latter transfer him to the Parsian Troops a their Guide. He try to prevent the falling of the Fortress of Gujarat, but his loyalty is reveal and he is capture by Gieve after a brief Sword Fight. He is spare execution by Arslan and sent to join His allies. During his interrogation, he reveals to Arslan and his Staff he was a orphan and considers Mahendra as his Father. He is saved from execution for his failure by Mahendra, who convince Gadevi to spare him.

He participate in the battle of the Field of Chandigarh, where he save Gadevi of a certain death at the hand of Daryun. However, he receives no gratitude for this and is instead reprimand by Gadevi.

After the duels before the Gods, which result in Rajendra gaining the title of Crown Prince, he save Arslan from being kill by a Soldier of Gadevi, after the latter refuse the result and try to kill his younger half-brother, stating that such a act will be a sign of defiance against the Shinduran Gods. After the fighting He later rush to the dying Mahendra, who was mortally wounded by Gadevi after the latter advice him to surrender, and is very sadden by his status. Mahendra ask him to not cry and to forgive him before succumb to his wound.

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Mahendra Edit

Jaswant is very loyal to Mahendra, as the latter raise him when the former was an orphan. He considers Mahendra as his father.

Trivia Edit

  • His actions during the Duel before the Gods are not the same in the OVA and Anime : In the anime he saved Arslan from being killed by a follower of Gadevi as he thinks it will disgrace his Kingdom whereas in the OVA he is sent by Gadevi to assassinate Arslan.