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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Country Maryam
Position princess
Relatives Nicolaus (father)
Eleanor (mother)
Militza (sister)
Novel Book 4
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Irina (イリーナ Iriina? ) is one of the supporting characters of The Heroic Legend of Arslan. She is a princess of Maryam.


Unlike most of the female characters in this story, she is ladylike and has a weak constitution. She has pride and grace.


She was born as a second daughter of King Nicolaus and Queen Eleanor of Maryam. Due to eye disease, she lived in an imperial villa to get medical treatment. There she met Hilmes. However, the king didn't permit Hilmes to stay there as he may cause a trouble between Maryam and Pars. Finding a lot of flowers that Hilmes threw into Irina's room as a farewell, she dissolved into tears.

When Lusitania invaded Maryam, her parents were kept under house arrest. However, Bodin's men set fire to the palace with them inside and killed them against Guiscard's will. While they were having a conflict, Irina escaped with her sister, Militza, guarded by few servants. They defended themselves for two years in a castle near Darband Inland Sea. In spite of their effort, the castle was finally taken by Lusitania. After letting Irina escape by a ship, her sister threw herself off a tower.

Five days later, they reached Daylam, but there they encountered Lusitanians again.


Hearing a news of the brave travelers, people from Maryam ask Kubard and Merlane to defeat a Lusitanian troop.

After they unwillingly accept the request and defeat them, Irina tells them that she is looking for prince Hilmes. Merlane decides to help her and they started for Zabul Castle following the information from Kubard.

In the middle of their travel, they happen to see Hilmes. However, Hilmes denies his identity and leaves them. Some times after that, they are attacked and captured by Lusitanian soldiers. When Guiscard hears this news, he lets Irina keep her self-defense knife in an attempt to have her kill Innocentis. The plan fails, but she is sentenced to death. However, Merlane appears with his arrow aimed at Guiscard and threatens him to release Irina. Just in the same time, Hilmes breaks the security of the Peshawar Castle and takes Irina out of it. After that, she is under Hilmes's protection in Zabul Castle.

When Hilmes loses the purpose of his life and dismisses all of his subordinates, she stays at his side and they starts a new life in Turk.

Hilmes and Irina lead a peaceful life for three years, but it suddenly ends when Irina passes away from illness. Hilmes lays Irina and their unborn child to rest.



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