Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Country Turan
Position King of the Kingdom of Turan

General of the Turanian army

Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Anime Episode 26
Voice Actor
Japanese Tetsu Inada

Ilterish (Ilterish? ) is a turanian King and General.


The Turanian Army InvadesEdit

As one of of main Generals of King Tokhtamysh, he is one of the leader of the turanian Attack on Peshawar held by Lucian. He fight well during the battle, and retreat along with the army after the fortunate arrival of Prince Arslan's army. During the battle, Jimsaa, Ilterish's rival is captured.

The Monarch Versus the ConquerorEdit

At the war Council following the battle, he and his fellow Generals are informed by Jimsa, that Narsus let escape on purpose, that a relieve column is on it way to suprise the turan army from the rear. This prompt Tokhtamysh to provoke Prince Arslan by executing random villagers from the surrounding countryside in order to draw him and his army out of the fortified fortress, while massing a part of his army, including Ilterish beneath the fortress, and ordering Jimsaa to deal with the matter of the parsian column in the form of an ambush.

The battle proved to be a disaster for the turan, as Marzban Daryun personally slew two generals while Jimsa leading an Attack against his own troops that end with high casualties. Tokhtamysh ordered the retreat to Ilterish's shock and disdain , as the warrior thought the turanian should fight despite the odds. The next day Tokhtamysh's negociation proposal drew Ilterish's anger and he promptly stabbed his own King for failure and shameful conduct on the battlefield in front of a suprised crowd and proclamed himself the new Turanian King.