Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Country Pars
Position Prime Minister
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Light brown
Manga Chapter 7

Husrab (フスラブ Fusurabu? )?) is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Pars.

Appearance Edit

He appears to have little hair and earring. He has a brown long Mustache.

Personality Edit

He does not seems to be energetic. He appears to be a great coward, as he voluntary disclose Tahamine in order to save his life.

Plot Edit

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

During the siege of Ecbatana, he wanted Gieve to take a secret passage to escort the Queen to a safe place outside the castle and said that he will be rewarded generously. Gieve accepted this offer. However, during the fall of the capital, he reveals to Hermes the location of the Queen in order to be spare, as Lusitanian soldiers were sparing no Priest of Official in their bloody slaughter after their victory.

Road to PeshawarEdit

He serves Hilmes as a servant, and it him who interrupted the former meeting with Guiscard at Ecbatana to announce him that a messenger, who will report about the Temple Knights' arrival , bring a important news to Guiscard.

Relationships Edit

Tahamine Edit

Not much is know about their Relationship, except that Husbrab helps the Queen in her escape attempt of the Besieged Royal Capital and that he later betray her.


Hermes does not care much about Husrab, as he was letting Husrab to be kill at first. After he exposes the Queen's location, Hermes takes him as his servant.

Trivia Edit