Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status  Deceased
Country Pars
Position Lord Governor of Kashan Fortress
Relatives Unknown Daughter
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color  
Anime  Episode 10
Voice Actor
Japanese Takaya Hashi

Hodir (ホディール Hodir?) is a Parsian noble and Lord Governor of the Kashan Fortress. He was killed by Daryun.

Appearance Edit

Hodir is portrayed as a hefty man with a brown beard. His eye color is either brown or black and wears a earring on his left ear.

Personality Edit

Hodir is a man of many words. He is cowardly, but he didn't run, because of his noble status. He hid his true thoughts from Arslan and his party with a false expression of approval. He is also quite cunning as he tried to make Arslan's company sleep and use this time to gain his trust. He planned to gain strength and authority by marrying his daughter with Arslan.

Plot Edit

Kashan Fortress Edit

Daryun came to Kashan Fortress and asked Hodir to serve Prince Arslan. Hodir agreed. He ambushed the Lusitanians that were following the prince and forced them to retreat. He gave a feast for Arslan and his companions. He also became very happy that Arslan had remembered his name. He stated that he was worried about Arslan after the battle and couldn’t do anything against the Lusitanians as he had no means within his power. He also told Arslan that he has a beautiful 13 years old daughter and he will be very happy  if he marries with him. Then, before getting an answer, he asked Arslan what steps does he intend to take in order to strike back at the Lusitanians, Arslan said that he intends to free the slaves and Hodir said that he supports the prince.

After a while, Hodir came to Arslan’s room. He told Arslan to marry his daughter and not to free the slaves but
Daryun killing Hodir
Arslan wanted some time to think. Later, Hodir came back to his room, with his men, and said that Daryun and others can’t be trusted, so he will eliminate them. Arslan called to his companions and said that they will leave immediately. Daryun and others came out, Hodir got very shocked when he saw them awake, and they tried to get out of the castle, but Hodir followed them and apologised to Arslan. He wanted his men to lead his horse out, but Falangies and Gieve killed them as they were carrying concealed daggers. Soldiers came out and they started to fight. Daryun killed Hodir before he reached Arslan.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hodir is one of Pars' Sahrdaran.