Hodir (ホディール Hodir? ) is a Parsian noble and Lord Governor of the Kashan Fortress. He was killed by Daryun.


Hodir in the 2013 manga and the anime is portrayed as a hefty man with a brown beard. His eye color is either brown or black and wears a earring on his left ear.


Hodir is a man of many words. He is cowardly, but he didn't run, because of his noble status. He hid his true thoughts from Arslan and his party with a false expression of approval.



Hodir befriend Arslan in order to manipulate him and thus seize control of Pars, trying to put him against his men. In fact, he has no respect for the prince, even ordering his men to kill Arslan when the prince didn't want to heed his words.

Narsus and DaryunEdit

Hodir shows disdain for Narsus and Daryun, and demanded their deaths, invocating Narsus' idea of abolishing slavery and Narsus and Daryun's friendship.


His relationship with his daughter is unknown, but he planned to have her marry Arslan in order to gain status.


  • Hodir is one of Pars' Sahrdaran.[1]


  1. Provincial Governor who serve as Feudal Lord, kanji reads as "Duke" or "Prince".


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