Hilmes (ヒルメス Hirumesu?), translated as Hermes in the Viewster English sub, also known as Lord Silvermask (銀仮面卿 Ginkamen Kyō?), is the major antagonist of the anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is the son of Osroes, former King of Pars. He joined the Lusitanian Army and became a high commander in order to invade Pars and claim the throne.

Appearance Edit

He is a man around his twenties with dark brown hair slicked back with some strands hanging above his green eyes.The right side of his face was burnt and conceals it with a silver mask.

He is usually seen wearing a black cloak on top of his outfits.Underneath his cloak,he wears a black long-sleeved shirt,black pants and knee high boots.

Personality Edit

Hilmes is a man with high ambitions, wanting to be the successor of the throne before anyone. He is also cruel and is willing to do anything to achieve his ambitions.He slays whoever stands in his way including innocents.

He bears an undying hatred towards Andragoras and enjoys seeing him in pain as a revenge for what happened 16 years ago.

Plot Edit

History Edit

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Hilmes as a young boy

Prince Hilmes

Being the son of the former King Osiris,he was the average normal boy who showed skills in hunting, he defeated a lion by himself and become a Shirgir. He was good at fighting and practiced with Marzban Bahman. Eventually Osiris died in which Andragoras III was rumored to have assassinated him in the fire. Hilmes's face got burned and he became lost during the fire.

Ecbatana is Burning Edit

After the Battle of Atropatene, Hilmes ambushed King Andragoras, who was retreating to Ecbatana, with his small company of Lusitanians. He said that Kharlan has done a good job and ordered his men to kill Andragoras's soldiers. Lord Vahriz defeated most of his men, made Hilmes mad, and charged at him, but Hilmes easily killed him with a single attack.

Then he turned towards the king and Andragoras asked Hermes who he is. Angered by this question, Hilmes charged at the king and attacked him. It is later revealed that Hilmes didn’t kill Andragoras but imprisoned him.

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

Guiscard and Silvermask
During the invasion, his servant came and said that everything went according to his plan. Hilmes stated that he will let those "damn Lusitanian savages" be happy for the time being. It is stated that he was the one to capture the Queen, but still, some Lusitanian lords didn’t trust him.

When Prince Guiscard was enraged, he calmed him and said that the soldiers know that he is the one who has the qualities of a king. When Guiscard asked him about the fog at Atropatene, he smiled and said that it was a grace of God Yaldabaoth, then left. Kharlan came to his room and apologized for letting Narsus go. He forgave him and ordered him to kill Arslan.

Prince Arslan Takes a Stand Edit

Daryun vs hilmes
Hilmes found the man who was wandering around in Ecbatana. They fought and he managed to force him back, wanting to know Daryun’s name because of his skill. When told him that his name is Daryun, Hilmes started to laugh and revealed to Daryun that it was he who killed Vahriz. Enraged by this, Daryun charged at him and broke his mask. Angered by this and Daryun having seen the burns on his face, he charges at
Hilmes vs Daryun
Daryun, even fiercer than before, and while he was about to attack a man came and saved him. After Narsus formally introduced himself, Hilmes called him an inept painter and Narsus charged at him. He dodged, but before he could counterattack, Daryun saved his friend. After fighting for a while, more soldiers came and they retreated. Hilmes told his soldiers not to pursue them and said that they will most likely meet again.

Road to Peshawar Edit

Hilmes went to Sam’s room, and the Marzban asked him why is he alive. Hilmes told him to serve him, but Sam told him that he will only servet o the king. Hilmes showed him his face and left the room after telling him to think carefully.

While he was looking at his face in his room, a servant came and saw his face. The woman got terrified and hardly managed to tell him that he has got a visitor. Kharlan’s son Xandes came and Hilmes thanked him for his father’s good advices. Hilmes got happy when Xandes told him that he will defeat Daryun, and gave him his permission.

Hilmes in Zott territory
While he was headed to Peshawar, the Zott Tribe attacked him. They eliminated them except for a girl. Alfreed wanted to avenge her deceased father by killing Hilmes, but Hilmes easily defeated her. Suddenly Narsus appeared. He fought with Narsus for a while, then he asked Narsus to serve him, but Narsus refused. Suddenly rocks started to fall and Narsus took the girl and escaped. Then a sorcerer appeared and started to laugh.

Two Princes Edit

After Arslan and others managed to enter Peshawar, Hilmes scouted the castle from afar and entered it the next day.

Arslan was out without any guards, so Hilmes took this oppurtunity. He told Arslan that he is to careless and Arslan realised that he is the Lusitanian strategist that Narsus spoke of and asked him how did he come here. Hilmes stated that he knows this place better than anyone and there are lots of ways for him to enter. This surprised Arslan and asked him what does he mean. Arslan took out his sword and introduced himself as the crown prince, but Hilmes told him that he claims much that isn’t his and stated that he is nothing but a miserable pup born to a wretched usurper and started to laugh as he couldn’t control his rage but stated he won’t kill Arslan at once. He said that first, he will cut his right hand and the next time they meet, he will take his left hand. Arslan charged at him, but Hilmes easily forced him back and finally unarmed him. When he was about to cut Arslan’s right hand, Arslan found a torch and started to swing it. Hilmes got back as he is frightened by the fire, and a woman came to Arslan’s help. More men came and Hilmes tried to escape but Narsus suddenly appeared in his way. He once again called him an inept painter and after fighting for a while, he jumped down but Kishward attacked him and said that he will slay anyone who invades the castle and started to attack him and forced him back. He once again jumped down, but Daryun and Narsus confronted him there. While they were fighting, Arslan once again told him to say who he is. The Silvermask stated that he is the son of the previous king Osroes, Hilmes. While everyone was shocked by this, Hilmes defeated Farangis and charged at Arslan, but Bahman protected him by taking the blow on himself. He became happy when he saw Hilmes, but told him to withdraw. Daryun charged at Hilmes, but he blocked him and escaped.

Abilities Edit

Hilmes is a skillfful swordsman, capable of defeating of withstanding dangerous opponent such as Vahriz, Narsus and Daryun. He also shows the ability of attract firm loyalty from his follower, like Xandes and Sam, a fact that lead Kharlan, a distinguish General, to betray his own Country and to Lusitania in order to permit Hilmes to take the Throne.

Relationships Edit


  • "Arslan...The humiltation and hardship that I have suffered to this day...I will make sure that you suffer the same as I have!"— Hilmes

Trivia Edit

  • He is shown to be afraid of fire, traumatized by what happened to the right side of his face.

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