Hildigo (ヒルディゴ Hirudigo? ) is the Commander of the Order of the Knight of the temple, the arm branch of the Yaldaboath Church of Lusitania notorious for his brutality.


Following the mysterious assassination of Count Pelagius and the political manipulation between Prince Guiscard and Archbishop Bodin, the latter manage to order Hildigo and his Knights to Ecbatana, though they were moving there long before Pelagius' disappearance.

He indirectly threatened King Innocentius VII if the king go with his plan to marry Tahamine. His presence boosted the political power of Bodin, as they considering the dethroning of Innocentius and Guiscard, but the archbishop's demeanor angered Hildigo, who was disappointed of the lack of spoil, and so he tried to make an alliance with the Grand vizier instead. Guiscard give him as a gift part of his treasury and a beautiful Parsian woman. Hildigo was delighted, but does not benefit long from this bribe, as he and his parsian mistress are found mysteriously murdered as well.



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