Heroic Deeds of Kaykhusraw is a song that is sang by Gieve during the Siege of Ecbatana.

Lyrics Edit

Upon the desolate plains of Mazangran, Kaykhusraw’s royal standard rippled 

And evil Zahhak’s army fled in a frenzy, as a flock of sheep frightened by spring thunder

The treasure sword Rukhnabad that can even cleave steel was forged of a piece of the sun 

His beloved horse Rakhshna possesses invisible wings, a fine steed surely worthy of the Jahangir

There are not two suns in the heavens and there is but one Shah upon the earth

The hero with no equal, Kaykhusraw, with sword in hand, who will succeed his mandate of Heaven?    

Trivia Edit

  • This song is written after Pars's Hero King Kaykhusraw.

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