Gurazeh (グラーゼ Guraaze? ) is one of the supporting characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is one of the members of the Camp of Arslan that fights against Lusitanian invasion. He is a sea merchant and the captain of a trading vessel.


Gurazeh is described as a tall, muscular man with good looks. He has blue green eyes in the 2016 anime and short black hair. His skin is sun-tanned. He carries a short sword at his waist and wears cloth around his head. In the anime, the cloth is red and in the novel, it is white.


As his subordinates are from various countries, he mainly uses Parsian and Seres language, both of which are the official languages of the continent. According to his word, he can greet in 20 languages and insult in 30 languages.

He is talkative and friendly.


He was born on a ship. His mother is Seres (people of Serica). Thus, he spent each 1/3 of his life in Pars, Serica, and on vessels. He has been traveling over many countries with his wisdom and bravery.


  • In the novel, According to Yofanes, one of his subordinates, Gurazeh has more than 20 lovers in different ports.
  • Though he soon becomes friend with Daryun in the anime, in the novel, they are not that close. Daryun even refers Gurazeh as “Rajendra of the sea”, using the person’s name who he dislikes. It is when Gurazeh meets with Arslan for the first time. He speaks with Arslan too friendly and talks big about his adventures. Also, Arslan is absorbed in his stories and soon attracted to Gurazeh.



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