Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive 
Country Lusitania
Position Grand Vizier and Supreme Commander
Relatives Innocentius VII (Elder brother) 
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Blue
Anime Episode 7
Voice Actor
Japanese Takehito Koyasu (2015 Anime) 
English Eric Vale (2015 Anime) 

Guiscard (ギスカール Gisukāru?) is one of the secondary characters of the anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Lusitanian Army and Grand vizier. He is the brother of the current emperor of Lusitania, Innocentius VII and serves also as his advisor. He seems to be the true ruler of Lusitania.

Appearance Edit

He has dark blonde shoulder-length hair along with a dark blonde beard, and caramel eyes. He has a stern and jagged face.

Personality Edit

Guiscard is a serious and intelligent man, who believes he should be the king rather than his brother. He doesn't seem to have a strong Yaldabaothian faith.

Plot Edit

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

Whe he was busy checking their weapons, a soldier came and said that the king is making an impossible demand and wanted his help. He said that he is busy and asked what his brother wants. When the soldier told him that he wants to marry with Tahamine, he broke his pen out of anger and rushed to his brother’s side. He found his brother in the treasure room and asked him if he really loves Tahamine. When he said yes,
Guiscard and Silvermask
Guiscard told him that everyone who got married with her died but he said that the god was testing her and it is also their fate to get married. Before leaving, he said that they won the battle thanks to God Yaldabaoth, so he gave all of Pars’s treasures to the archpriest Bodin. This greatly shocked Guiscard. Guiscard was enraged and went to his room and told that he will never let his brother marry her. Silvermask appeared and calmed him and said that the soldiers know that he is the one who has the qualities of a king. When Guiscard asked him about the fog at Atropatene, he smiled and said that it was a grace of God Yaldabaoth, then left.

He was present when Bodin burned Pars’s historical texts and made indirect threats toward his brother for choosing to married Tahamine.

Road to Peshawar Edit

Bodin was with the King and said that he wanted to burn 10,000 heathens, but Guiscard didn’t allow it as Pars may rebel against them. Bodin stated that this is the God’s war against the heathens, so he ordered his Temple Knights to come to Ecbatana.

The next day, Bodin came back to the king’s room and stated that he killed Hildigo because of his opposition against his marriage. Innocentius asked his brother to convince Bodin.Guiscard told the archpriest that his commander was sharing his bed with a heathen woman, so nobody will listen to Bodin about this matter. Bodin told Guiscard that he is the one who killed him, and attempted to leave the room, but Guiscard told him that they took Yaldabaoth’s flag down. Bodin went to Maryam with his Temple Knights, and Guiscard was very happy about it.

Siege of Zabul Castle Edit

Obeserving his brother and Tahamine from a balcony, Guiscard task Hilmes to supress Bodin's Knights who had taken possession of the Castle of Zabul because Bodin started to make incredible demands such as the execution of Tahamine and the promise that Innocentis will be loyal to the religion of Yaldaboath. He is later seen in his office, discussing with Hilmes about the latter's request for the punitive force. Guiscard agree to authorize, equip and finance an army of Parsian under the command of the Silver Mask as he can't spare any Lusitanian soldiers. When an force of 30.000 Parsian leave Ecbatana with Hilmes, he is surprised by a number along with other Lusitanian Generals as the force could later rebels, but is reassured by the fact that a number of them will die in the punitive expedition.

Battle for the Keep of Saint-EmmanuelEdit

Guiscard receives news about the departure of the Parsian Army under Arslan toward Ecbatana and that Generals Montferrat and Baudouin are assembling Lusitanian Troops scattered across Pars. He is confident that he can defeat the remnant of Pars. Later he and Lusitanian Generals receives inconsistent reports about Arslan's army size and warn his Generals about Pars's disinformation. The meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Silver Mask, who asks to be put in command of the 70.000 Lusitanian soldiers assembled, in addition of the 30.000 Parsian soldiers under his own command to lead them to the keep of Saint-Emmanuel and beat Arslan there. Guiscard agrees to Hilmes's demand, as he wants to use him as long as he can.

However, the battle of the keep of Saint-Emmanuel turned to be a disaster, with Barcacion and most the those at the keep dying in battle and the fortress getting captured by the Parsian army. Shcoked by the news of the battle he believed to have been a victorious one, he asks to see Hilmes, who made bold claims. This is followed by Hilmes arrival in the throne room, who only responds with sarcasm to Guiscard's slurs and queries about the defeat and finally laughs in front of Guiscard. This proves the last straw for Guiscard, who orders the four Lusitanian Generals in the room to seize the Silver Mask. Hilmes manages to swiftly take down the generals, which prompts Guiscard to grasp a sword to fight Hilmes but the latter disarms him with a sword strike and  punches Guiscard against the palace wall behind him.

Guiscard, astonished by Hilmes's move and with his sword under his neck, asks him if he lost his mind. However, the Silver mask states he only did that in order to speak privately with him, and reveals his identity as son of the previous King of Pars. Understanding Hilmes had been using the Lusitanian invasion in his conquest of the throne, he ask his interlocutor why he revealed his true identity. Hilmes says their interests should be aligned since Guiscard does not truly desires Pars, but the throne of the Kingdom of Lusitania. After that, Guiscard decides to give the throne of Pars to Hilmes but only if Hilmes helps him  by making Guiscard King of Lusitania. Hilmes agrees and then calls Guiscard "Your Majesty".

Relationships Edit