Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 23
Status Alive
Country Pars
Position Travelling Musician
A member of the Camp of Arslan
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Dark Violet
Eye Color Blue
Manga Arrow of Deliverance

Gieve (ギーヴ Gīvu?) is traveling musician, who is also a skilled bowman and swordsman. He joins the Camp of Arslan out of his infatuation with Farangis, but later shows true loyalty and admiration for the young prince and is eager to see what kind of kingdom he will make.

Appearance Edit

Gieve is an attractive man of average stature with blue eyes. He has short, dark magenta hair and a cloth worn like a bandana wrapped around his head. He is most often seen dressed in lavender robes.

Personality Edit

Gieve is a womanizer who is mainly concerned with beauty and wealth. He believes himself to be both irresistibly attractive and a gifted poet, despite multiple people commenting on the mediocrity of some of his lyrics. Despite his vices, he refuses to follow any noble, claiming that they are greedy tyrants with no concern for their subjects. Upon meeting and serving Prince Aslan, he became more compassionate and found that there was in fact, a noble he respected and trusted.

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