Gieve (ギーヴ Gīvu? ) is one of the main characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is a traveling musician and womanizer, who is also a skilled bowman and swordsman. He joins the Camp of Arslan out of his infatuation with Farangis, but later shows true sympathy for the young prince and is curious about what kind of kingdom he will make.


Anime Edit

Gieve is constantly seen as an individual throughout the series with very dark purple hair and sharp eyes which seem to change color depending on the lighting. A cloth like material is wrapped around his head for most of the time. His lips are constantly pulled upwards into a smile, though his expression is quick to change upon his emotion, especially when it comes to extreme annoyance.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA, Gieve has long light red hair and light blue eyes.


Gieve is a proud womanizer. He believes himself to be a gifted poet and an irresistible individual, which is supported by the swooning of most women who encounter him. Gieve refuses to follow any noble, believing them to be all greedy tyrants who do not care about their people until he meets Arslan, who he finds different from the bunch. Though he shows indifference to situations that do not involve his own well-being and is merciless when it comes to encountering his enemies, Gieve also has a much softer side to himself as shown in several circumstances. He has also been revealed later on throughout the series to be a considerate man who will throw away what is important for him if it means saving the well-being of those he cares for. An example of this is when he threw his gold at enemy soldiers to distract them, so he could get to Arslan in time. Gieve is also shown to have a keen eye, a sharp-mind, and a silver tongue which allows him to escape most sticky situations. He also gets very drunk easily as shown in the anime.



He joined his group to win Farangis. Over time he started finding Arslan's strange personality interesting and began to be curious about his future as king.


He is very fond of Farangis, stating that she is beautiful and the reason why he joins Arslan's team in the first place. However, his love for her is not reciprocal as she heartily dislikes him. Despite this, he is still overprotective of her as shown when Rajendra tries to offer Farangis a drink and Gieve interrupts.


Gieve interrupting Rajendra


Although he is always traveling, he has never been out of Pars except on duty as one of Arslan's vassals (novel).


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