Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Country Shindra
Position Lord Fortress Commander
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown (Anime)
Eye Color Black
Anime The Black Leopard of Shindra
Voice Actor
Japanese Yasuhiro Mamiya

Gauvin (ゴーヴィン Gauvin? ) is the Lord Fortress Commander of the Gujarat Fortress and a secondary Character of the Novels Series The Heroic Legend of Arslan.

Appearance Edit

Taara has grey hair tied back into a ponytail and black goatee.

Personality Edit

Not much is know about Gauvin's personality except he isn't a strong Shindurian loyalist.

Plot Edit

Gujarat FortressEdit

Gauvin is first seen during the Campaign for the Throne of Shindra, when Gieve and Jaswant are sent to Citadel of Gujarat to negotiate the surrender of the Fortress and the passing of the Parsian Troop. Gauvin offers them a feast while he disgust the offer with his Second, Taara. Gauvin is interested by the offer until Jaswant secretly meet the two and reveal to them he is Gadevi's spy and that the Parsian Troops have not intention of waiting as they will secretly pass the fortress during the night. The news enraged the commanders and they are told a plan by Jaswant that will end Arslan's progression : They will come out at Jaswant's signal and attack the supply train of the Parsian Army, that will prevent the Parsian Troops to continue their march to the east.

During the night, as Gauvin is ready to attack, the signal of Jaswant hasn't appears while the supply convoy has nearly passed off the Fortress.
Gauvin decides to attack , but his force fall into a trap when they discovered there is no supply in the caravan but archer who cut them down, there are then attack by Parsian Cavalry command by Daryun ; Jaswant's true allegiance was known and he was captured before he can give the signal by Gieve. After seeing his second being killed and seen Arslan undefended, he charge at him but before he can reach him he is kill by Daryun. The failed attack led to the fall of the Fortress of Gujarat.

Relationships Edit


Gauvin is served by Taara as his deputy, and they seem to get along.


Guavin is hateful against Arslan, calling him 'Parsian Boy'.

Trivia Edit

  • Gauvin doesn't appear in the OVA Series.