Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Country Pars
Position Marzban
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actor
Japanese Kenji Nomura
English Brian Mathis

Garshasph (Garshasph?) is one of the secondary characters of the anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He was one of Pars's Marzban.

Appearance Edit

He has a full grown brown beard and brown hair.

Personality Edit

Garshasph has a strong belief in the use of force and of cavalry, in opposition to his fellow Marzban Sam, notably when he threatened Ecbatana's slaves after they listen Lusitania's promises about Freedom and Equality. He shows hatred for Lusitanian and slaves.

Plot Edit

Siege of Ecbatana Edit

Garshasph didn’t participate in the Battle of Atropatene because he was in charge of Ecbatana’s defence. He was shocked when the Lusitanian army came to Ecbatana’s Gate with an imprisoned Shapur. He was called by a fellow soldiers to see the heads of the fallen soldiers, cursing the Lusitanians. Together with Sam, they informed the Queen about the deceased until they were excused by her, leaving the two questioning why no mention of Prince Arslan. The slaves begin to revolt, attempting to open the gates. He quickly runs to stop them, killing ten slaves in the process. Sam goes on to tell him that he had cause a thousand more to rebel. When the Lusitanians successfully enter the capital, he is killed while leading a final attempt to drive the enemy away.

Relationships Edit

Sam Edit

Sam and Garshasph do not get along on the Capital's defense and the slaves, but they do not seem to hate each other.

Vahriz Edit

Garshasph is deeply affected after seeing the beheaded head of Vahriz, suggesting he greatly respects him.

Trivia Edit

  • Garshasph is one of the Pars's Marzban; this means he commands 10 000 horsemen.