The original meaning of Yaldabaoth in Archaic Lusitanian is ''sacred ignorance''.

There are many sects and Lusitania belongs to Western Church, which is hard-line, whereas Maryam belonged to Eastern Church, which is moderate.

Beliefs Edit

According to the Lusitanians, Yaldabaoth is the one and only God. God Yaldabaoth treats all men as equals. However, the heathens, who do not follow the god's teachings may be treated differently and killed, even children and babies, for they are the enemies of God. Those who do not follow the teachings of the Faith of Yaldabaoth have no purpose to living.

The Lusitanians invaded Pars because their holy book says that the most beautiful and prosperous land upon the earth belongs to the believers of the Faith of Yaldabaoth.

The archpriest Bodin burned Pars's historical texts and said that the only book that they need is the book of Yaaldabaoth. When a soldier told Bodin that the medical texts may be useful, he said that those who wholeheartedly worship the God will not be possessed by diseases. Only those who fall ill harbor seeds of evil in their hearts will, and that is the God punishing them.

Temple Knights Edit

Temple knights

The Temple Knights is a branch of the Lusitanian army made up of religious fanatics under the leadership of Bodin. They are 30,000 in number and are some of the most formidable warriors in the Lusitanian army. Their commander Hildigo was assassinated by Prince Guiscard. They are currently in Maryam.

Trivia Edit

  • The Faith of Yaldabaoth, it's cross-like symbol are obviously heavily inspired by Christianity. The Temple Knights are inspired by their namesake and the other knight orders of the Crusades.
  • The name Yaldabaoth is a name for the Demiurge from Christian Gnosticism. One scholar suggests the name comes from Aramaic yalda bahut, [null ילדא בהות] meaning "Son of Chaos". This could be a subtle nod from the author to the war and chaos the faith have caused in the series.