Ester novel.png
Esuteru de ra Fāno
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 14 (May 321)
Country Lusitania
Position Page
Relatives unknown
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Honey
Novel Book 4

Ester de la Fano (エステル・デ・ラ・ファーノ Esuteru de ra Fāno? ) is a character who poses as the squire Etoile (エトワール Etowāru? ) and is from Lusitania. She was captured by Daryun just before the Arslan Army attack St. Manuel Castle.


Her beautiful face is white and her light brown hair falls over her shoulder. She is dressed in Lusitanian armor.


Ester is shown as a tough and stubborn Lusitanian. She even challenges Daryun. She is a firm Yaldabaoth believer, stating her beliefs out loud proudly on multiple occasions. She is also shown to be gullible believing in ridiculous rumors about Prince Arslan. Despite being brash and hot-headed, she is shown to be good-mannered and kind.

Background Edit

She is an only child of a family of knights. Thus, she aims to be a knight and succeed her family to support the servants and citizens.

The role in the story Edit

She first appears ar St. Mannuel, where Lusitanians awaits for the attack of Arslan’s army. When she comes out of the castle as a member of a group to observe enemy and gain food, she happened to encounter with Parsian army, which is conducting hunting ceremony. During the fight of the armies, she attacks Daryun and is captured by him. After that, Parsians attacked St Mannuel immediately. She is put in a jail at the castle and there, she first talks with Arslan. After giving prayer at the funeral for deceased soldiers, she left the castle with Parsian army to take care of survivors of Lusitanians.  

In the story beyond season 1 of the animation series Edit

When she parts with Arslan's camp and arrives Ecbatana, she is at a loss as she cannot find any help. When she is in despair, she recalls Arslan's word and finds money which suffices to support her and the group of Lusitanians with her. Arslan's kindness makes her warm inside and fills her eyes with tears. After knowing her king's status, she tries to save him, but she is sentenced to death with false accusation of attempted murder of the king, which is planned by Guiscard. While she is escaping, she encounters Merlane and travels to Gilan togeather.

After seeing Arslan and his fellows again, she travels with them till the end of the war with Lusitania. She also follows them when Arslan goes to Mt. Demavant. During the travel, she meets Parahūda (Don Ricaldo), a Lusitanian man of amnesia, for the first time.

As she travel with Parsians, she gradually changes her opinion of them. She fails to save neither survivors from St. Manuel Castle nor Innocentis VII, but she finds a new mission which is to bring back her deceased king’s ashes and Parahūda to her country.

When she is back in her hometown, her grand mother was already passed away and her grand father was ill. He dies soon after Ester received certification of knight. Then, she spends time fighting for citizens in her devastated homeland.

After that, she travels to Maryam with "Parahūda" as a member of petitioner for Guiscard’s return to Lusitania. As the petition being unsuccessful, they ran to Pars with a Parsian woman,”Parizādo”. In a town called "Rūji Kiruse", they meet a Lusitanian prisoner. Though she negotiates with a Parsian officer for his return to Lusitania, the prisoner breaks the prison and its iron bar hits Ester's knee. Her injury was so bad that she suffers from fever after a surgery. She is gradually weakened and began to wish to see Arslan. Her company starts for Ecbatana, but in the middle of their way, she becomes so debilitated that she can’t endure the trip anymore. Receiving the news from Daryun, who comes across them, Arslan hurries to see her. On August 17th in 325, she passes away when he is at her side. She is 19 at that time.

Surrounded with beautiful flowers, her grave is located in Ecbatana [1].


  1. page 176 of Arslan Senki vol.13(novel)


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