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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 23 (Pars era 321)
Country Pars
Relatives Shapur (elder half-brother)
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Brown
Anime Episode 20: The True Face of A Knight
Voice Actor
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi (TV Anime)

Esfan (イスファーン Isufān? ) is one of the secondary characters of the novel series The Heroic Legend of Arslan. He is the younger brother of Shapur. He is known as "Faruhādin", which means "a man who was raised by wolves" in the language of Pars.


2013 Manga and AnimeEdit

In the 2013 manga and anime, Esfan has brown hair, yellow eyes, a ponytail and earring.

OVA SeriesEdit

In the OVA Series, Esfan has brown hair.

Novel Edit

In the novel, he has amber eyes. His height is average. His physical appearance reminds of reed which is tough and firm.


He is a quiet person and cares a lot about his brother. However, he is a bit short tempered. He doesn't seem like a warrior type but does have a great skill with a sword ( which isn't shown much in the show) and fights swiftly.

He always remains confident when he faces enemies and he keeps positive attitude even in a great sorrow.

History Edit

His mother was a slave who served in the house of Shapur's father. When Isfan was 2, he was saved by Shapur from a winter mountain where he was being cared for by wolves after his mother had died there. She and Isfan were left in the mountain by the legal wife of the brothers' father.


  • In the 2015 Anime he's voiced by the same actor that voiced Shapur.



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