The Rainbow City
S02E07 thumbnail
Season 2 Episode 7
Kanji 虹の都
Rōmaji Niji no Miyako
English The Rainbow City
Air Date August 14, 2016
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
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Calamity of Kings
The Dance of Dust Clouds
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The Rainbow City (虹の都 "Niji no Miyako"? ) is the 32nd episode of the Arslan Senki anime series and the 7th episode of its second season. It aired on August 14, 2016.


Shagard, the mastermind behind the pirates, devises a scheme to lure out Arslan's retainers in order to assume control of Gilan, but Narsus, having already grasped his intentions, outsmarts him with his own plan and confronts Shagard directly, bringing him to justice afterwards. After Arslan sentences Shagard to one year of slavery for his crimes, Etoile reunites with the prince, asking for his help in order to save King Innocentius.




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