A City of Land and a City of Water
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Season 2 Episode 4
Kanji 陸の都と水の都と
Rōmaji Riku no Miyako to Mizu no Miyako to
English A City of Land and a City of Water
Air Date July 24, 2016
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
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Journey Horse, Sad, and Solitary
Parting of Ways
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A City of Land and a City of Water (陸の都と水の都と "Riku no Miyako to Mizu no Miyako to? ) is the 29th episode of the Arslan Senki anime series and the 4th episode of its second season. It aired on July 24, 2016.


Arslan's party arrives at the port city of Gilan in search of the reinforcements they need. In the occasion, Narsus meets his old friend Shagard and learns, much to his disappointment, that he is not the same idealist man he used to be. During a meeting with Viceroy Pelagius, Arslan is informed that Gilan is being harassed by pirates, when an incoming merchant ship is attacked by them, and some members of the party rush to their aid.




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