The Monarch Versus the Conqueror
S02E02 thumbnail
Season 2 Episode 2
Kanji 王者対覇者
Rōmaji Ouja Tai Hasha
English The Monarch Versus the Conqueror
Air Date July 10, 2016
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
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The Turanian Army Invades
Journey Horse, Sad, and Solitary
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The Monarch Versus the Conqueror (王者対覇者 Ouja Tai Hasha ? ) is the 27th episode of the Arslan Senki anime series and the 2nd episode of its second season. It aired on July 10, 2016.


Andragoras escapes from Ecbatana, taking Tahamine with him, while King Tokhtomysh from Turan arrives to lead a second attempt to capture Peshawar, but this time, he executes several civilians in order to provoke Arslan and draw him into open combat. However, Tokhtomysh is forced to flee after underestimating the Parsians and is killed by his own general for his cowardice. Once Andragoras arrives at Peshawar, he relieves Arslan from the command of the Parsian army, and orders that his son must not return unless he gathers another fifty thousand soldiers, a decision that is compared to sending him to exile.




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