The Turanian Army Invades
S02E01 thumbnail
Season 2 Episode 1
Kanji トゥラーン軍侵攻
Rōmaji Touraan-gun Shinkou
English The Turanian Army Invades
Air Date July 3, 2016
Written By Kazuhiro Ozawa
Directed By Yasuto Nishikita
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The Highway of Blood and Sweat
The Monarch Versus the Conqueror
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The Turanian Army Invades (トゥラーン軍侵攻 Touraan-gun Shinkou ? ) is the 26th episode of the Arslan Senki anime series and the 1st episode of its second season. It aired on July 3, 2016.


Arslan's forces double back to Peshawar in order to repel an invasion from the country of Turan, while Silvermask retrieves an ancient sword that can bolster his claim for the throne of Pars, but Gieve confronts him in order to steal it for Arslan, until it is taken away by a third party. Back at Ecbatana, Etoile arrives safely with the rest of the refugees, and King Andragoras takes advantage of a moment of carelesness from Guiscard to hold him hostage.




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